Catch Up Since June

Lots of cycling, lots of running, not a lot of swimming !

At my peak and probably fittest ever ready for the 70.3 World Championships in Nice. BUT…………………………………………

Cycling along a cycle path with Paul Mason an on coming cyclist just clipped my back wheel and my hip made contact with a concrete kerb. Fractured Pelvis. Two weeks from the World Championships and three weeks from my weeks cycling holiday in the Basque country.

I took Paul with me who damaged his elbow that need surgery, which is not what Kate Mason needed as she was ready for the Arch to Arc Challenge . Walk/run from Marble Arch to Dover, 81 miles, swim the Channel 21 miles, then cycle to Paris and the Arc de Triumph 187 miles. Paul was supposed to be Kate’s support driver. I’m pleased to say despite this Kate completed her challenge in 98 hours.


Several times a week, often with numerous coffee stops.

Two main events, The Jurassic Beast a one hundred mile sportive around Dorset encompassing many hills, total of 7257 feet of elevation, rated at 9/10 with many hills some of which were 20%. Glad I did it, good bit of training, but not sure the word ‘enjoyed’ is appropriate.

The second was Ride London, again a 100 mile sportive from the East End, through London to the Surrey Hills and back to Pall Mall and Buckingham Palace. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. Completely closed roads, both carriageways, really well marshalled. Averaged over twenty miles an hour until I hit the Surrey Hills. Box Hill, what a disappointment, no great challenge just a steady climb on excellent tarmac. Leith Hill was more of a challenge which I was not expecting. Excellent stops and refreshments, but I did avail myself of any of them and was pleased to complete it sub six hours (well only just 5 hours 58 minutes!)

The Amstel tent beckoned at the end to meet up with fellow cyclists and following three pints, we only just made it back to our friend’s house in Fulham.


Boy have I enjoyed running. Joined Egdon Heath Harriers a year or so ago, but really joined in with them this year. Every Tuesday meet at a Pub in Dorset, a cross country run of about six or eight miles ending back at the pub.Thursdays are interval training days at the Park and Ride in Weymouth. Lots of short sprints with rest or jogging in between. Typical could be 1 minute fast, 1 minute recovery, then 2, then 3 then 4 then 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 with appropriate warm up and cool down. Even cracked under a 6 minute mile on some of the short sprints. Not bad for someone who have NEVER been able to sprint.

Signed up for a couple of races, both 10k, and really enjoyed them. For one I cycled there and back, a round trip of about 50 miles.


Two weeks in Scotland for our usual annual holidays, first year not to take my diving gear but did take my bike, some lovely rides over The Lamures and some walk/runs along the coast, both north and south of St Abbs.

Did do some swimming though. Short ones without a wet suit, about 12 degrees and some longer ones with. Had my swim float so swam from the beach to the only safe landing places further up the coast. Also did a 20k TT race with my chum Rachel Crowe.

Had a days cycling on the Yorkshire Moors on may to a motorcycling event (hubby took my cycle in the car). Was horrified to find a sign 30% – but it never materialised, but did demoralise me as I was expecting it round every bend.