Fractured my Pelvis In September – Now back to full fitness

‘The Beast’ (Ribble gravel e-bike) – 4 weeks after a fractured pelvis!

I was swimming within 7 days – crutches to the pool side and no push offs! Then at four weeks, with a lowered seat and ordinary peddles I found I could get on and ride my brand new e-bike (The Beast). Bought for some winter off-roading, but serendipity, ideal.

Trying to run at 3 months

At six weeks I was able to fit my cleats and raise the seat. It was great. I already had a planned cycling trip to Lanzarotte at the end of November and decided to take my TT bike.

Boy was I surprised at how strong I felt. Three months of ‘pottering’ on my e-bike. Putting in the power when I chose to do so, seemingly paid off dividends.

Needless to say now in March and I am still riding my ‘The Beast’. I’ll have to get back on the road and TT bike prior to some events, but am happy with the training I can do. I have a power meter so know exactly what I am putting out at any point.

I started some gentle three mile runs each day whilst in Lanzarote and started in earnest when I got back. Wow, I felt I needed a corset to hold in all my pelvic floor muscles!!

Jump forward to March and with a 1/4 and a 1/2 marathon, an Inter-county Cross Country (surprise, surprise, got on the podium for that) and a few Park Runs under my belt am looking forward to the 2020 season.

Bit disappointed with a 10k trail run today, had hoped for a better time. But have Bath Half next week and I didn’t taper so will for that and hope for a better performance out of my legs.