Athletes get injuries!

That’s true, but usually not self inflicted and nothing to do with training.  How about spilling a super hot mug of coffee over your feet?

Two weeks before the ITU Standard Distance Triathlon in Leeds and just three weeks to another 70.3 in France.

Feet were very ‘raw’, and my goodness at time so painful, but fortunately that came but then went for no apparent reason.  Given crutches, “I don’t need those,” I said – oh yes I did.   But wiggled my toes when ever I thought of it, took vitamin C and zinc, and Collagen and had my feet re-dressed every forty eight hours.  Can’t fault the NHS,  especially the Nurse Practitioners, they came up trumps despite being rather negative about doing triathlons within three weeks, let alone two!

Ten days and my cycle shoes were the only ones that were comfortable, so a couple of trial bike rides,  plus my feet were improving day by day, so decided to go to Leeds.   Wrapped them up well (self adhesive cling film dressing) and went for it.

Swim went well, made a hash of transition and felt sluggish on the bike (too much inactivity).   Thought the run was down hill then flat – it wasn’t – mostly down hill for five kilometres then up and down for the next five – a hundred metres elevation in total.  I ran it all and managed a sprint at the end, and was surprised upon unfurling my dressings that my feet had further improved.  They obviously liked the increased circulation due to running.

I came second to secure my place in the Worlds in Canada for 2020.   BUT ………………. I’ve been thinking about going for ALL the World titles in 2021″…………………….