The Next Step ?

2017: 70-74 AG Record time 13 hours 42 minutes
Ironman World Champion 70-74 AG
2018: Oldest Woman to swim the English Channel

2019 ?

Aiming for Ironman 70.3 World Champion.

70.3 is half the distance of an Ironman

1.2 mile swim

56 mile bike

13.1 mile run (half a marathon)

Total, unsurprisingly is 70.3 miles!

Qualified for the 70.3 World Championships

I went to Mallorca in May for the 70.3.  Bit of competition, two other women in my age group.  But despite being just a tad worried – no problem.  Fifty-two minutes in front of my nearest rival and the other woman didn’t make the cut of at the end of the bike ride.

I enjoyed the swim in my new wet suit.  Since I started triathlons in 2014 I have been looking for a sleeved wet suit, but they have all interfered with the way I swim and uncomfortable, so I have been wearing a 2mm Speedo, sleevless wet suit.  THEN this year I found the new Zone3 Vanquish wet suit.  Paper thin arms, thin shoulders, thick and sumptuously padded on the tummy and quads for buoyancy where you need it.  Doesn’t choke you round the neck, doesn’t gape at the back flooding you with water.  Easy to get on, and so quick to get off.  BUT, it holds you in perfect form in the water so it’s FAST!

I haven’t enjoyed swimming since the Channel, often not even making a swim once a week with Weymouth Swimmers and when I did go rarely completed the whole one hour session.  I had to force myself to swim twice a week building up to Mallorca.  My times have been really slow in the pool so wasn’t expecting any miracles and was a bit dumbfounded to find I had done a PB!  Has to be the suit!

The bike went well on my Cannondale Dura-Ace Di2 Slice from TRI UK.   I had hoped to gain more time coming down the mountain as I am so so slow up the hills, but all the downhills were technical, either hair pin bends or through narrow streets in the towns.  In addition I needed to keep an eye out for fellow ‘kamikaze’ competitors!  So 16.1mph average was OK.

It didn’t help when I overtook some back markers of a peloton grouped together on a straight road against the wind (drafting?).   I chose to go over the white line just as a Marshall on a motorcycle was passing.  Blue card, “Qui moi?” “Yes,  5 minute penalty!”

Was pleased that my elastic bands on the shoes worked well at the start of the bike, and wondered how I’d cope, when tired at the end.  But took my feet out of the shoes just like a professional – well not quite, but so much easier than unclipping and running in shoes. Looked forward to the five minutes complete rest in the Penalty tent!  But it didn’t help as I left transition without my race belt on – whoops – disqualification if not rectified – so quick dash back – extra 3/4 mile and 8 minutes.  Could have done without that as my legs just didn’t want to work, but managed a fairly consistent pace of 11:11 minute miles.  Everyone was complaining about the heat – what heat?  You should race in Kona, Hawaii – now that IS hot!