Ready To Go!

18th August

Been doing a bit of swimming, a bit of cycling a bit of running.  Not sure how much to do,  just ‘ticking’ over.

As with all endurance, or in fact anything, if you say, “I can or I can’t,” you are probably right.  I have learned just how powerful the mind is.  Generally speaking I am a positive person and always assume ‘I can.’  But, this waiting for the weather has been playing havoc with my mind.  It’s difficult to keep focused to image and visualise the swim, because it’s that which will get me to the other side, not my arms, they will just do what my head tells them they ‘want’ to do.

Good news.  Hope to be going on the 21st.  Will start late afternoon or early evening.  Night swim – poo!  But not really, sea is usually calmer with no sea breezes caused by the land warming up during the day.

Excellent tides, ride bang in the middle of neaps – when there is less tidal movement.

12th August

Was going to do one ‘lap’ of the bay, approx 5 miles but a bit rough and wind surfers to the north so a 2 mile swim via the Tower and the red stick.  Flew back, 28 minute mile, but could hardly make it back to the hut from the red stick. Then a bit of fun in the waves body surfing.


11th August – still waiting for the weather

Having put on weight and really looking forward to getting back to my racing weight.   Not knowing when  the swim will be,  anxious for it to happen but with some trepidation.  Somehow it all reminds me of being pregnant!!!!!

7th August – So frustrating !!

I’ve been following the posts on the Dover Swimmers facebook page and the conditions have been ideal with so many swimmers being succesful.   Frustrating in not going and with the inactivity – how much should I be doing ?  Normally I’m used to training hard almost every day.

Went for a 60 mile social cycle ride on Sunday, but tried not to push myself too hard.  Will go for a swim this afternoon.

Hoping to set off next week, Springs Tides ( mean stronger currents) so hopefully towards the end of the week as we get near to the Neap Tides and fingers crossed this wonderful weather lasts.

2nd August – News Flash !!!!!!

Was due to be in the water at Dover at midnight tonight.  On phoning to confirm details found that my boat has broken down.  They had been working on it all day and had hoped to get it going.  Looks like it may be a long job, so the swim is postponed until at least next week, or more probably to weeks time.

I was so geared up and ready to go – really wanting to get it behind me.  C’est la vie !  Qu’est sera, sera !

A roller coaster of emotions, firstly almost sh….ng myself at the thought of actually going, then looking ahead to when it was all over, then completely gutted at the delay.

Out for a 40 mile cycle ride to Portland Bill at 5:45 this morning to clear my head………………………………………..

1st August

This is the worst bit, just like packing for a holiday, only you are usually looking forward to the holiday and I have mixed feelings about my swim. Give me an Ironman any day !  I don’t quit easily but this time round is going to be hard both physically and mentally.

I’ve started my packing list and getting my bag ready.  Just like pregnancy – I’ve put on weight and have a bag packed ready to go at a moments notice!

Well not just a bag.  I have a long list of things that are needed.

Feeding will be done via a 1 pint plastic milk bottle attached to a cord – you are not allowed to touch the boat.

I will have one feed every hour for the first three, then every 45 minutes.  Last time I had a variety of feeds, but this time I have stuck to ProFuel, a tastless carbohydrate powder with no electrolytes with Summer Fruits cordial.  I’ll mix it up double strength and my crew will top it up with hot water.  175ml of drink and 75ml of hot water.

I’m hoping for 15 hours or less, but could be 20 so that’s

Current world record holders are:

Male: South African Otto Thaning age 73 (2014)

Female:American Pat Gallant-Charette age 67 (2017)